Our Closet Manufacturing Process



NCD uses Closet Pro to generate all drawings and quotes. You can show your client a top view and a 3D view of each space, along with a proposal that is presentation-ready.

This design software doubles up as a CRM, so you can easily navigate customers and find past quotes with ease.


NCD uses the start of the art equipment to cut all jobs. Our screen-to-machine technology ensures accuracy as we can cut to 1/16 of an inch.

This technology enables us to produce radius/contour parts. It allows you to focus on your core business while we handle the manufacturing and logistics of the product.

quality 2

Quality Control

All materials are double-checked for accuracy before they are packaged. Each part of a job has a label with a corresponding section number, which ensures ease of installation. We check each of them and label each job for accuracy.

Multiple jobs in one box will be color coded properly so you can differentiate between the jobs.


NCD ships materials in a 48” x 96” pallet with a corrugated surround. Smaller pallets will be sent based on the size of the parts included in the specific job.

Drawers are double-wrapped to ensure that they aren’t damaged during transport. These features help ensure the job arrives damage free.

jobs to be shipped
crate of drawers